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Although Captain Bill Robertson defined the term "Freezone" and supplied a certain bridge and related training, the term "Freezone" has now come to mean any Scientology practice, whether "Standard Tech" or not outside of the Church of Scientology.

Having spent my time surfing around to survey these various orgs, I feel compelled to provide easy access to these various orgs.

Full Bridge Orgs

The groups listed here have largely the same organization, doctrines and practices as the Church of Scientology did up to 1983.

  • Ron's Org Committee - headed by Max Hauri in Switzerland. He is the most popular Scientology org for all of Russia and Europe. Trained by CBR.
  • International Freezone Association - this is the largest offering outside of Europe. Most members are in the US, and the president is in Australia.
  • ICAUSE - International Church of Advanced Universal Spiritual Enlightenment. Led by Tommy Thompson, who has no qualms about traveling (he's located in Los Angeles). He has a following in Russia.
  • Alpha Org- A Russian Org which split off from Max and Erica Hauri. They apparently offer up to OT8 LRH style (as well as CBR bridge up to OT16). This same Org or it's leader is apparently working with another CBR trained terminal in Europe at re-creating the tech for OT9 to OT16. They sell the Stalker emeter and have a community site as well. They primarily offer "Internet Auditing" where you buy an e-meter straight away and set up a skype account and a web camera (which will be pointed at the meter for auditing). Even for people in Russia, they only meet online, not face to face!
  • Ron's Org USA - created by Marianne Hagen.
  • Freezone Advanced Org International - this is Austrian Ralph Hilton's org. Not very large or active.


Self-clearing is a controversial topic. Clive Nicol (head on Ron's Org Vast) says don't do it. Michael Moore (president of the International Freezone Association) - says don't do it as well. And Patricia Krenik (Senior C/S for Freezone Elma, WA) has some book recommendations for people interested in self-clearing. But those books are low-level self-auditing books, not designed to take you across the entire bridge.

Then of course, we have the self-clearing crew themselves and they swear by their method, accusing the other camp of simply wanting to make money or having glazed-eyed allegiance to L. Ron Hubbard or Captain Bill Robertson.

From a personal perspective, the big win with self-clearing is you dont have to wait on anything or anyone. And you can start where you want. And you can add what you want. And you dont have to worry about incompetent auditors who might be there just to collect fees or earn another certificate. Now, the downside is you dont have a clear ladder to climb and no one will be there to put foot to your ass when you fall off track!

So, which camp you end up in is your choice. I now list the prominent self-clearing movements. You can find many more on the archive of Mike Hunsaker's site being maintained in his abrupt and mysterious absence by the IFA.

  • Techs4Realty - this group is interested in reality. They hold allegiance to nothing but what brings them closer to understanding and manipulating reality. As such, they make use of any number of techniques and teachings, most coming from a Scientology perspective, but be prepared for some IFA influence from Ed. Ed Dawson participates actively here as does Chris Melchior. Recommended texts include Geoffrey Filbert's "Excalibur Revisited".
  • Paul Adams has a wealth of cutting-edge material. He audits via Youtube! In addition to via skype and an onlne robot auditor! He is very avant garde and worth checking out.
  • TROM - short for the Resolution of Mind, this is a technique developed by Dennis Stephens. He started in Dianetics in 1950 and trained directly under LRH.
  • Universal Clearing Process - a deceptively simple yet powerful self-clearing practice. Also has a following in Russia. The UCP is pretty much like TROM Level Two.
  • Free Solo Processing - an excellent, complete yet ultra-minimalist self-clearing approach. Contains just enough theory and course material to prepare the way for the practice.
  • Ken Ogger - best known as "The Pilot" on alt.religion.scientology among other places, he has published 2 very well written and complete guides to Scientology theory and practice. You can also take hatting courses in it.
  • Tools for Transformation - if you have any basic Scio training, you will see a huge resemblance in the teachings here. His premiere course even makes use of an e-meter. You might grab a tech dictionary and familiarize yourself with the terms "reactive mind", "thetan", "survival dynamics", "goals problem mass", "viewpoint", "conditions of existence" to see the parallel.
  • Ghost Danse - Ed Dawson's material

Scientology-esque Things

This section contains things that ended up here for any number of reasons. Their goals might be a subset of Scientology goals (e.g., simply clearing this-life trauma). Or it maybe that the person spent a good amount of time in Scientology and then developed his own system with very similar theory but different vocabulary or processes. Or maybe the system just reminds me of Scientology in some way or theory.

  • TIRA - traumatic incident reduction association
  • Knowledgism
  • Harry Palmer's Avatar System
  • Spiritual Technology - Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski spent more than a decade on the Church of Scientology. He also studied a number of other occult traditions. His excellent entry-level study is Aspectics and then PEAT follows up on that. He is highly recommended.

  • Emotional Freeing Technique - The EFT technique looks very powerful. The PC says "I feel like I'm watching a movie" at one point and at another point he discusses how emotionally free he is of the pictures that had tormented him for 10 years or more -

  • Viking Way to Infinity - a combination of Zen and Viking spirituality.

  • Little Purple Notebook On How To Escape From This Universe


  • Free Theta - this is an active publication with many qualified authors.
  • IVY - this is the longest running Freezone publication, dating back over a decade.

Important Discussions


  • This document is available on jottit.
  • Many thanks to Mikhail Kuznetsov for feedback on Russian orgs.

Critical Sites

Personally, as bad as the CoS is, they are producing people of exceptional capability. I dont care how many bad things they have done. How much tech they have altered. And I fully acknowledge that they are probably guilty of many, many illegal and horrible criminal acts (no proof, but it would not suprise me). Now, with all that said, I have met people involved with the CoS for long time periods and they are EXCELLENT people. Aware, up-tone, and capable. The first two levels of the bridge (purif and trs) will put you head and shoulders above what most people ever get to in this life. Strip away dogma. Strip away rumors. And just take the first two bridge courses in the Church. You will see why people stay with the church after that.

Now, let's move on to the Freezone. I have never met any Freezoners in person. There are plenty of success reports. But we have some critical info (with hardcopies of proof in some cases) and you need t.

Remember, dont throw out the baby with the bath water. Just because a particular Buddhist is guilty of this or that scandal, does not mean you should not try Buddhism. Likewise, some of what is said about Freezone is probably true. But I'm also sure that you might be better off putting that to the side and getting some wins in the Freezone.

A sad story of information suppression

It is very sad when a group exhibits a cult-like tendency to suppress information. It is always best to have all the information and decide. Thus, I am against the banning of books by organizations such as the KKK and the Third Reich. As destructive as these organizations are, it is even more destructive to suppress their information. An intelligent person will assess all data. A person with some sort of case will try to hide things.

A fear-laden message from Terrill Park:

basic basic wrote:

Please don't post links to your website again. You have linked to an OSA Black PR website attacking the Freezone. The journalistic integrity of this website is worse than that of the lowest scandal sheet, as evidenced by this snippet from it below.

If you do it again you will be unsubscribed.


"the commercial activity that was carried out in the camp was entirely illegal. There was selling of books, materials, courses without any documents or receipts – the money was just put in the pockets. This also means that there no taxes were paid on this money. Just imagine the condition of the person who bit by bit collects money from his “student salary” and, as a result, he has no confirmation at all that he gave the money and nobody is responsible for this. In other words, because of this money these people destroyed his human rights. "

A curious viewpoint from Diana Reynolds:

diana reynolds wrote:

Seth, 'Terrence' is like those guys who deny the holocaust ever happened. He must think that Hitler was basically good.


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