Techs4Reality Neophyte Notes

Look, don't believe

Yes, there are a few little text errors here and there, and also a few uses of words which are not precise.

This is not a problem if one is actually LOOKING for oneself, it is only a problem if one is believing Filbert :)))

So yes, almost all of what he says is correct, BUT, do NOT BELIEVE any of it . . . LOOK for yourself.

Look at what myself, Ed and Roy are doing here on T4R . . . using Filbert's book and other valuable data, but only to help us look for ourselves! He writes barely enough for someone to have enough tools to LOOK for themselves. In some ways it is better not to give people answers, only clues, as then they don't make the mistake of letting someone elses Looking substitute for their own!!!

Logic nowhere near truth

Indeed. Truth is at a completely different level to Logic.

Mind cannot ever know any Truth, because Mind is constructed of relationships between Terminals, and Terminals are Apparency rather than anything Real. Mind can sometimes copy the words of a Truth, but once it becomes a copy (not an original) it is no longer a Truth.

Anything fixed is not a Truth

Words are failings too

I'll add that the best definition for a word is a PROCESS (which enables you to experience, directly, that word's meaning for yourself). Anything less than that is dangerous, because words are then defined by other words, which, as you say, is based on nothing real in the end

changed January 13, 2008