Lesson 6

Cultivation insanity

Death by suggestion

Our space age

  • compare with other planets
  • ancient Chinese science would've progressed faster. current approach only deals with what can be perceived with 5 senses.

Early in cultivation - thought karma

Main consciousness

Demon of lust

  • vital essence of body used to cultivate body
  • meditation and sleep can lead to self-induced fantasies.

Rocks and trees can talk to you.

Arhat cultivated

  • overjoyed at achievement - complacency appeared.
  • had ordinary human feelings - fell in level

Cultivation Way of Shakyamuni

  • body not mind


Present day religions

All religions after original religions are evil. Original religions can save and teach to be good.

Ching Hai

  • all of man's misery comes from karma
  • sounds noble (saving people)

Why appeared

  • enlightened beings saving people whenever civilization occurred.
  • no fa left in people's hearts because there is no restraint.
changed December 25, 2007