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Shredder Classic 3 (#300183772) 1 Unit(s)

  • License key for unlocking the product The license key for "Shredder Classic 3" is listed below. You will need this license key to complete the process and activate the product.

This product is licensed to the name "Terrence Brannon".

Thank your for choosing Shredder Classic 3.

This is your personal license code to register Shredder Classic 3.

Name: Terrence Brannon Code: 26XTW-R61HY-3ZJA2-887OL-B17KS-KUTPN

Please take care of upper and lower case in the following links.

If you haven’t done that yet, you can now download Shredder Classic 3 from

and register it with your license code given above. This will convert the demo version to the full version with all features. Here is a safe way to automatically enter your name and code in Shredder.

  1. Press Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-C to copy the content of this email in the Windows clipboard.

  2. Start Shredder

  3. The code and your name should be already in the boxes so you just have to click on "Register" to register Shredder.

The extra opening book for Shredder Classic 3 is available here:

You can add the extra book via the menu to Shredder or you can simply double click on the .bkt file.

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